This week I have recorded for you a short (9 min) market update video covering some bullish developments in the markets. You can watch the video here.

Below, I have briefly summarized what I cover in the video.

Firstly, this:Bullish price action on the QQQ NASDAQ

The QQQ is the ETF that tracks the NASDAQ. This is a BULLISH development for the NASDAQ, which has been providing market leadership since 2016.
Secondly, I discuss the S&P 500 clearing a major resistance level last night. Watch the video to see how this should play out.
Thirdly, I take a look at the S&P 500 Advance-Decline line which is making new highs. This shows the current stock market rally is enjoying strong breadth.

Advance Decline Line making new highs

Watch the video now where I also break down what I’m seeing across all of the major sectors as well as oil and gold.